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Gaur City round about,
Noida Extension
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Our list of satisfied customers goes long—infact includes more than 5,000 names whom the promoters have dealt with personally apart from thousands of others who have been serviced by their associates. Having been in the real estate sector helping people find their dream abodes and shops and offices for over half a decade, AVI Realtech is making its foray into construction through AVI Street in Greater Noida (West). As has been the experience of its patrons earlier on, the company is leaving no stone unturned to make this project a big success. It is seeking to make for itself a name that should emerge synonymous with trust.

When such a huge township gets ready where will its residents go to celebrate its big moments such as birthdays, marriage, parties, achievements or just to have a get-together? That’s also what sets AVI Street apart. Offering large banqueting spaces which can hold hundreds of guests comfortably it is sure to emerge as Choice No. 1 not only for the residents of Gaur City but of the inhabitants of the adjoining areas as well. It sure will get your business the customers you require.


Lead the real estate sector with passion and innovation while at the same time raise benchmarks, create new opportunities, establish new paradigms and usher in entirely a new way India lives and shops.


Deliver the highest value to our customers and stakeholders through a blend of innovative architecture and contemporary designing while creating spaces that one continues to cherish lifelong.